Motorola Accesspoint  
AP 7161 Outdoor 802.11n MeshAccess Point  
AP 7161 brings the latest 802.11n 3x3 MIMO tri-radio design together with the rugged outdoor performance. True perimeter security is provided using either a dedicated dual-band sensor or software mode for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to deliver 24x7 rogue detection and termination. The AP 7161 is optimized with WiNG 5 intelligence at the edge extending QoS, security, and mobility services to the access point so you get better capacity and performance. The AP 7161 is ideal for industrial , enterprise campus, video surveillance, public safety, and smartgrid utility deployments to extend to the outdoors.
Cambiums Networks  
Cambiums PTP 200 Series ( Formally Motorola Canopy)  
PTP 250 Wireless Service Providers (WISPs), Administrative Government entities, and enterprises can leverage the feature-rich performance of the PTP 250 especially for VoIP applications requiring additional capacity and an affordable cost per megabit. Dual-band flexibility between 5.4 and 5.8 Ghz Best in class small packet performance delivering up to 234,000 packets-per second (pps) Low TCO SNMP v2c enables fault monitoring Highly ruggedized and phenomenal MTBF metrics PTP 230 For small to medium organizations that want an affordable, medium-throughput solution for paths with minimal interference and minor obstructions, the PTP 230 is a perfect point to point solution. GPS Synchronization Based on popular PMP 430 platform Fast installation and ROI Up to 80 miles (129 km) with a reflector Up to 18 miles (29 km) with a LENS Up to 4.5 miles (7 km) with integrated antenna
Canopy PTMP 100 ( Formally Motorola Canopy)  
The Canopy wireless broadband access system enables services providers to extend DSL, fiber or cable networks to underserved rural areas. For industrial applications, network operators can rapidly connect an entire campus and remote office locations. Government Network Operators can establish cost-effective links for public safety, public service, and public access. Canopy wireless broadband access networks provide last mile network extensions that provide carrier grade connectivity. Proven in thousands of networks around the world, the Canopy system provides consistent and reliable performance that can be rapidly deployed to meet connectivity requirements. Modules are available with total throughputs up to 84 Mbps from a single tower location. Solutions are available in frequencies from 900 MHz to 5 GHz. Government funding has been used for Canopy systems deployed for rural connectivity initiatives. Canopy systems are eligible for US RUS last mile broadband access funding, and may also be used for Connect America Fund for fixed wireless broadband access.
Airgrid M Series Next-Gen Broadband Wireless CPE Technology  
AirGrid M5 HPcombines Ubiquiti Innerfeed and AirMax(TDMA Protocol) technologies to create a simple, yet extremely powerful and robust wireless unit capable of 100+Mbps real outdoor throughput and up to 30km+ range.Complete antenna and radio system integration provides revolutionary cost/ performance solutions to the Worldwide Broadband Industry. The low cost, hi-performance, robust and light weight of AirGrid M HP make it extremely versatile and ideal in several different applications
Rocket M Series Powerful 2x2 MIMO AirMax BaseStation Platforms  
Rocket M is a rugged, hi-power, very linear 2x2 MIMO radio with enhanced receiver performance. It features incredible range performance (50+km) and breakthrough speed (150+Mbps real TCP/IP). Rocket M combines the “brains” in one robust unit; it can be paired with your choice of AirMax BaseStation or Rocket Antennas. This versatility gives network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience.
airMAX Nano Station M Series  
The original NanoStation set the bar for the worlds first low-cost and efficiently designed outdoor broadband CPE. The new NanoStation M and NanoStation Loco M take the same concept to the future with new redesigned sleek and elegant form-factors along with integrated AirMax (MIMO TDMA Protocol) Technology. The low cost, hi-performance, and small form factor of NanoStation M and NanoStation Loco M make them extremely versatile and ideal in several differentn applications.
Alvarion :  
BreezeNET® B  
BreezeNET B is a product family of wireless point-to-point bridging solutions for license-exempt frequency bands. BreezeNET B provides an efficient and secure solution for: Wireless broadband access Backhaul services for WISPs Private networks connectivity including: Disaster recovery Video surveillance IP telephony Video conferencing e-Education Telemedicine SCADA Intelligent Traffic Networks (ITN) BreezeNET B offers a comprehensive range of options and is available in several configurations, ensuring an optimal cost/performance solution for every deployment.
Mikrotik Groov 5Hn/ 2Hn  
Groove 5Hn/ 2Hn  
The Groove is our smallest outdoor series model - a fully featured RouterBOARD powered by RouterOS. Weatherproof, durable and ready to use. It has one 10/100 Ethernet port with PoE support and a built-in 200mW 802.11a/n wireless radio. With the Nv2 TDMA technology, 125Mbit aggregate throughput is possible, limited only by the ethernet port! The Groove 5Hn has a RouterOS Level3 license, so you can use it as a wireless client or for point to point links. It has a built-in N-male connector, so you can attach it to an antenna directly, or use a standard antenna cable. LED signal indicators make it easy to install and align.
Milkrotik SXT  
The Mikrotik SXT Lite, 2.4 Ghz 10dBi integrated antenna with 600MHz CPU, 64MB RAM and RouterOS L3 installed. SXT Lite is a low cost, high transmit power 2.4GHz (2312 -2732MHz depending on country regulations) outdoor wireless device. It can be used for point to point links or as a CPE for point to multipoint installations.  
ASU-24005g / ASU-24005g-N  
ASU-24005g: Low cost Outdoor Managed AP/Bridge/Client with inbuilt Antenna ASU-24005g-N: 802.11b/g Outdoor low cost Base station. The most innovative 802.11g technology designed, the Alcon Wireless ASU-24005g provides 108Mbps high data rate for outdoor environment, which is about 30 times faster than T1 and ADSL connection speed. There are four operating modes supported in ASU-24005g which are: AP, Wireless Client, Repeater, and Bridge. Other than 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption, ASU-24005g integrates WPA and WPA-PSK to secure the information of your wireless LAN. The special designed housing allows the Alcon Wireless ASU-24005g to be installed in exposed locations under the rigorous weather conditions including heavy rain and wind. With web-based interface provided, the ASU-24005g is easy to be installed and managed. The PoE (Power over Ethernet) design reduces the cost of power cables installation and offers high flexibility while selecting the location of ASU-24005g. All these advanced features and the built-in 12dBi patch antenna make ASU-24005g a suitable CPE solution for widely open space applications such as WISPs, campuses, and airports.
802.11a & 11g Corporate Wireless Outdoor AP/Bridge, 20dBm(100mw) 11a & 11g Output Power, Dual Radio ,One radio 2.4Ghz & Another 5Ghz, 216Mbps Outdoor Bridge, Get double Bandwidth, More than 4times Memory with POE, More Than 9 non over Lapping Channel, Higher Bandwidth & no interference product , Bandwidth Control, Multiple SSID, Tag VLAN, Centrally Manage software to manage the device, Support PTP 8~10km 30dBi Grid Antenna
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